Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My new company

So, as everyone can tell (there are people out there, right?) I no longer post on this blog.  It was hard to stop, a borderline obsession.  But I didn't market it well, and although I got a lot of great links from different places and a lot of visitors from time-to-time, it didn't convert to regular readers.

I was struggling to keep this going with only a few hundred readers from day-to-day.  Pretty dumb move, considering that I put ...hundreds of hours into this thing.

But I don't consider it to have been for nothing, because I learned a lot and even going over all the old posts in here I can see my thought evolving to the place where it is now.  It was a long bumpy road to fully understand all of the principles of freedom and how a limited government benefits everyone, especially considering that at one time I was a socialist who went to NYU and who was raised in Massachusetts (in a pretty liberal family and town.)

Anyway, I'm still fighting the power in my own way, but now I'm doing it with my business: Absorb Health.  That is my natural health/skin care/dietary supplements company.  I'm proud of it and have been working as hard or harder on it than I worked on this, and all my other writing.  But there's a difference between Absorb and this: for Absorb I get paid.

So, I'd encourage anyone else out there reading this to do what I've basically done: educate yourself, believe in liberty... you can fight the power (monopolists) as a grassroots organizer, but I think people are much more effective if they have deep pockets to back-up their beliefs.  That's what I've learned in the last 3.5/4 years.

Anyway, I'm basically writing this so I can get the link to my new site because this was a very authoritative domain.  (I've learned a bit about marketing in the past few years, so much so that I truly think I was a fool for not doing more to commercialize this/do a few things to just retain readers a bit more.). Anyway, that's life.  Can't change the past.  If I did, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Anyway, I wish you good luck, random person who's reading this to probably do some harm to me.


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